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Center for Lice Removal - CLR llc - Pittsburgh Lice Treatment & Lice Removal
Center for Lice Removal - CLR llc - Pittsburgh Lice Treatment & Lice Removal
Center for Lice Removal - CLR llc - Pittsburgh Lice Treatment & Lice Removal

 Center for Lice Removal - CLR  

Pittsburgh’s Natural and Safe Treatment for Head Lice

Family, Parent and Nurse Head Lice Testimonials

After spending a lot of money on OTC products that never reassured us or gave us peace of mind that our worries were over, we found this Center online. In a matter of an hour, one snowy evening, it gave us the confidence that things would be ok again. They were able to get us in immediately and worked around a time that was better for us to get there . The staff at CLR are wonderful. Their confidence made us immediately feel less stressed. The evaluation was quick and painless and the staff were patient and understanding and explained everything step by step as to what they were doing. The treatment was quick and meticulous. The staff were very proficient at what they were doing. They were very calm and patient, so my 6 year old grand daughter and her mother and I had little anxiety and less worries about what was happening. Jason was there at the initial comb out treatment and he was there as the person that did the final evaluation headcheck for us. He was willing to answer all of our questions and even repeated things for us at the time our stress was very high, just so that we understood things. There are several after care products that they recommend, but they do not push sales. I would recommend though the Nit free Mint spray - a good product to keep on hand. Jason extended his patience and understanding to us as we called him afterwards with questions that we had. The 30 day guarantee is so reassuring that Jason as well as his staff are very confident in the services they are providing. I would recommend CLR to anyone.
                                                                                        -Anna G. RN BSN / Satisfied Nurse (Pittsburgh, PA)
Even before coming in for the initial appointment, Jason the owner was awesome on the phone.  He answered so many questions for me about head lice and told me a little about them. He had totally put my mind at ease. Trust me when I saw them in my hair and my 22 month old I freaked out. I had originally went out and purchased the over the counter chemical treatment. That did not work for me or my son and we only had a slight case of head lice.  After doing an other type of treatment on my son that involved putting facial cleanser in his hair when did not do the trick either. I looked online and found Center for Lice Removal. I so wish I would have looked on line before even buying those OTC treatments. This worked so much faster and easier to do. They did the first treatment and will comb the hair until no live lice or nits come out, then you follow their directions to do it at home. When I went back for my 7-10 day check, I was totally clear of everything. To me it was so much better and mind easing to use their company. And plus they guarantee their treatment for 30 days at no charge to you if you get head lice back, they will re do the whole process again. The harsh OTC chemical treatments do not guarantee nothing. I had spent close to $100 of the over the counter treatments and endless days of wash cloths, sheets, pillow cases. To me and in my opinion this is the best route to go. It's a quick and easy process to go to them, instead of hours at home picking and combing thru the hair.
                                                             -Amanda M. / Happy Mom (Pittsburgh, PA) * Angie's List Review
If this is your first time dealing with lice, save yourself the time, money, and stress and call the Center for Lice Removal today!  My five-year-old daughter got lice last month at preschool and we spent a fortune on over-the-counter treatment shampoos (so harsh and toxic!), shower caps, home remedies, and "lice prevention" shampoos and conditioners.  I vacuumed our entire house and car.  I washed all of our sheets, towels, and clothes.  My dad came over every day and I spent an hour combing through her hair.  Eventually all signs of lice were gone and she was able to return to school.  A few weeks later I was devastated to find a live bug on her head and more nits.  I immediately called the Center for Lice Removal and scheduled an appointment for her and appointments for my younger daughter and me to get checked.  When we came in for our appointment, Sara was kind, thorough, and very knowledgeable about lice removal.  We left lice-free and equipped with everything we needed to stay that way.  I wish I had gone to the Center for Lice Removal the first time around and saved myself the stress and frustration of dealing with lice on my own.  Thank you, Jason and Sara! 
Karen R. / Satisfied Mom (Monroeville, PA)
THANK YOU..THANK YOU...THANK YOU!!! I was a bit hysterical when I called CLR!  I was sure that I was able to take on this huge task alone...BOY WAS I WRONG! With hours spent picking through my daughters hair and 99% sure I GOT IT ALL I found a live one day 3 into my combing! I followed all of the OTC directions and washed everything twice and cleaned my house for hours and hours. Why did I find a live one on day 3 of treatment??? Well the owner, Jason, had the honor of receiving my frantic phone call. He was very calming and assured me not to worry.. He was able to see me and my daughter that day! I forgot to say that I left work because I also discovered that I had them, as well. I was amazed at how comforting the Center (Salon) was, so my crying ended quickly. Jason did a wonderful job of informing my daughter and I about these pests and my 5 year old felt very comfortable with him and the combing treatment. I can not Thank him enough for his help and giving me peace of mind. Following post treatment directions given for the next few days will be easy and hopefully no signs of these stressful little bugs when we go back in for our final head check! I recommend this place to anyone who needs informed, calmed, and help getting rid of these pests!! THANK YOU AGAIN!!!
                                                                                                     -Rosemary P. / Thankful Mother (North Hills, PA)
We were in last night with Shalimar. She was so very polite and helpful with me and my 7 year old daughter. She took the time to answer all of my questions and to demonstrate your simple combing techniques. She put us at ease and made a very uncomfortable situation a pleasant experience.  She also gave us flyers that we passed along to our school nurse. Just wish we would of called sooner. Thank you, CLR!
                                                                                                             -Christine B. / Satisfied Mom (Cranberry, PA)
I found lice on my 9 year old's head on a Monday evening. I tried the over the counter treatment but didn't feel comfortable that I got everything and the nits where everywhere. I was looking online and found CLR. 
I called at 8:30 fully expecting to get an answering machine but was shocked when Dina answered. She was able to make me an appointment for the next day and send me instructions and directions all before 9:00. Dina was SUPER knowledgeable and put all my fears at ease! She was so kind with the kids. I would HIGHLY recommend CLR.                                                                            -Angie S. / Happy Mom (Latrobe, PA)
I am a mom with 3 children ranging from ages 6-11, and we just had our first lice "experience". When my daughter came home from school with visible bugs in her hair, we all freaked out a little (well, maybe a lot). After treating the lice with over the counter medication, we weren't satisfied or convinced that the issue was taken care of. We found CLR after a short internet search, and it was the biggest blessing we could have found. We were seen the same day, and the minute we walked in the door, it was like a weight was taken off our shoulders. Not only is this just a gross issue, but it's very traumatic psychologically. The folks at CLR comforted us, did thorough checks on all of us, treated my daughter by going through every strand of her hair to make sure that all were found (lice AND nits), and guaranteed their work. It eased my mind to have someone else search her hair because it's hard to know what to look for...and what they found were so microscopic that I would NEVER have found them on my own.  They provide a free check after one week to make sure they are gone, and at our check we learned that we are clean and clear! Don't waste your time or money in drugstores. Call these folks right away---you will not regret it! They are good people.
                                                                                                               -Michelle H. / Satisfied Mom (Pittsburgh, PA)
Thank you again for your diligent and friendly service that you provided to me and my family. We surely feel fortunate to have heard about your company through our school nurse! I don't think that we could of found nicer people to provide such a unique service that you guys provide, LOL. Your time and efforts are truly appreciated.
                                                                                                                   -Beth W. / Satisfied Mom (Pittsburgh, PA)
After two unsuccessful attempts using an over-the-counter treatment (and several mind-numbingly awful hours), I finally gave in and called Center for Lice Removal. My only regret is not calling earlier. Little did we know that combing to remove all the nits was the most important part of the lice removal process. The plastic lice removal comb that we were provided in the RID Kit did nearly nothing to remove the nits on my daughters fine hair compared to the Terminator comb that CLR uses. In addition, my 7 year old daughter sat fairly still without any difficulty for Leigh as she used an all-natural enzyme spray and simple combing techniques to easily and efficiently remove the live lice and nits in about 45 minutes. She also showed me how to keep her bug-free in the future. Words can not express how friendly and professional the folks are at Center for Lice Removal. They definitely made a stressful situation an enjoyable one for my daughter and I.. Thank You Soo Much Guys!  
                                                                                                     -Amber T. / Happy Lice Free Mom (Wexford, PA)

Dear Jason - Thank you so much for doing what you do and providing a business to offer help, resources and a sense of calmness in such a stressful situation! And I say stressful because that is just what it is for me...maybe not others, but lets just say, I don't handle this very well!! What a relief to get a referral to your business--I had no idea such a business existed!!  I was very impressed from the very beginning with an immediate, after business hours, return phone call.  You were very understanding and calming, and it was no problem to get on the schedule the next morning. Your staff is very friendly and helpful, and it's so reassuring to deal with people who are very knowledgeable on this topic, as well as calming and understanding. I was so pleased with the post treatment care given to me and my family and am more than happy to refer anyone to your business who has to deal with this unpleasant nuisance!  I pray I never have to deal with this again, but am hopeful that I can rely on your services if need be. I thank God for what you do because I could not do it!!!  Again, thank you!!

                                                                                                               -Lynne R. / A Frazzled Mom (Butler, PA)

I think we finally have it under control!! I want to thank you again for all your time and help with this nightmare. I don't know what I would've have done if I wouldn't have found you!!!
                                                                                                           - Rachel L. / Satisfied Mom (East Pittsburgh, PA)
I have been checking my daughter every few days and I believe she seems to be in good shape. We have a little of the enzyme spray left, and hopefully won't need it anymore. I will continue to check her from time to time. She appears to be lice and nit free at this time. I do want to thank you for all the help you have given us, both at the office (with her long hair!) and on the phone with me. I am very grateful. I would recommend you to anyone. If we ever need you again with any of my 4 grandchildren, I will call you. Thank you for everything!  
                                                                                                                     -Jennifer S. / Satisfied Mom (Butler, PA)
I wanted to make sure to contact you so that you can know we have been lice free for weeks now.  I have talked to many families (moms!) about our experience with lice - not good - and about your service - which has been ALL good. It truly is a relief to know that you are there if we need you again. To know that we can come back and get great service and become lice free quickly, is such a relief. I have talked about your location and service many times - I hope that some of the families that come to have head lice will use you rather than going the drug store route first. Thank you.
                                                                                                                         -Lori M. / Happy Mom (Canonsburg, PA)
I gave everything to our Middle School Nurse. She said that she will be referring your company and service to families in the future. She was really thrilled just to know that you guys existed. In my opinion, you need to send flyers to EVERY school nurses in the surrounding school districts. I know I was really happy to find you. I was willing to bring my kid anywhere that was in diving distance for help yesterday. So, see you next week for our final head checks, and thanks again.
                                                                                                                   -Diana M. / Happy Mom (Murrysville, PA)
Thank you for your professional, understanding, and patient treatment. Melissa went from a wreck to at least understanding that it's not the end of the world. We've talked to other mothers and highly recommend they seek your professional diagnosis and treatment rather than trying to do it themselves. Its just saves people that don't know anything about this A TON OF TIME AND EFFORT. Once again, THANK YOU!
                                                                                                     -John & Melissa R. / Happy Parents (Cranberry, PA)
Thanks again so much for ridding her (daughter) of those horrible little things, everything has been great and I have recommended you to anybody that is dealing with them. You guys are amazing!!
                                                                                                                               -Kim B. / Happy Mom (Beaver, PA)
Thank you Jason for everything!! Sara was awesome and answered all of my/our questions!! Happy that my daughter can return to school tomorrow with no nits!!  Believe me, I learned so much tonight from Sarah! I will recommend you to everyone that I know!!! Thanks again!
                                                                                                                -Michelle A. / Happy Mom (Pittsburgh, PA) 
I thank you all again for everything!!  Yes my daughter Courtney went to school this am. Nurse checked her and could not see any nits!! Canon mac school district has a NO NIT policy so I was nervous based on all the nits and lice that came out of her hair last night. I could not believe my eyes!!  I will continue with treatment day 3 and 5 and see you next week. I HIGHLY recommended you to the nurse and told all my friends!!!  You are great!!!  Thanks again!!
                                                                                                                  -Jenna T. / Happy Mom (Canonsburg, PA)
I am so very thankful for CLR! They have the most relaxing atmosphere and kind staff! I got educated and they answered all my questions and boy did I have a lot! My Daughters and I felt so much better after treatment! Jason was so kind and he really is very informative! If you want peace of mind definitely use their center!
   -Heidi S. / Happy Mom (Greensburg, PA)

First, I would like to thank Angela and Dina. You two were amazing with me and my girls. As I told you yesterday, my little one does not talk to ANYONE!  And she fell in love with the two of you! And you made my 9 year old feel like she was at the spa and not being treated for head lice. And so, ok, I did panic this morning because my school district is soooooooooo strict on lice issues - I thought what I was seeing in the little ones hair today was nits, when ‘in reality’ it was really just dry scalp. I freaked out. However, the girls are completely clean and back in school today. Yay! You folks are awesome!  Thank you, Thank you so much.                                                                                           

                                                                                                                  - Monica A. / One Crazy Mom (Plum, PA)

Jason- Thank you so much for all you did for us Tuesday. I had been so stressed out and obsessed with these little parasites and you really gave me piece of mind. It was nice to get all the facts from a true expert! On top of the professional service you and Angela provided, the kindness you showed to my kiddos was awesome. You guys certainly know how to calm a very worried mother. I can't thank you both enough. I'll definitely refer any friends to your service if they find themselves in this situation!

Thanks again!

                                                                                                                  -Dawn K. / Worried Mom (Weirton, WV)

The Center for Lice Removal is without a doubt a sanity saver! My 8 year old daughter came home from school with lice and after using an over the counter product and spending hours combing through her hair everyday for a week - the lice remained! At my wit's end, I called CLR and spoke with Jason who scheduled an appointment for that day! The technician who worked on my daughter's hair was excellent and calming to my daughter and me. It's been over a week since treatment, and I am happy to report the lice are finally gone and our lives are back to normal. Thank you CLR for being an outstanding place of business!                                      
                                                         -Gina C. / One Thankful Mom (Sewickley, PA)